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kelly: a surprise in every box!

If you're still here, I
-only drinks decaf
-can mostly fit into the dryer (getting out is slightly more complicated)
-dislikes crowds (and therefore, walmart)
-loves tapioca pearls in her tea (hurray, boba tea!)
-loves fall (because that is when pumpkin flavored things come out. Who loves pumpkin?! WOO!)
-is a scientist
-thinks dolly parton has the tiniest feet in the world.
alton brown, amélie, ani difranco, antique guns, anything pumpkin, aquariums, audrey hepburn, babies, bacardi anejo, beaches, big trees, blistex, blue, boating, boba tea, books, bulldogs, cake, calvin and hobbes, camp helen, catching lobster, chai, color blindness, cooking, country music, crayons, cuttlefish, discovery channel, diving, dress to kill, duct tape, eddie izzard, ella fitzgerald, enigo montoya, environmental science, eric clapton, family, fishing, flip flops, florida keys, gainesville, getting mail, ghost and the darkness, gir, going barefoot, graduating, great danes, grim fandango, hammocks, happy calendar day, intelligent people, international shark attack file, invader zim, ireland, iron chef, james bond, jeopardy, jeremiah was a bullfrog, jimmy buffett, ken follett, law and order, legos, limes, lobster, louis armstrong, mangos, marathon key, margaritas, mastiffs, milk tea with pearls, mojitos, monkey island, monkeys, mount gay rum, mythbusters, natural resource conservation, nature, octopi, outside, patsy cline, peaches, pencil sharpeners, people-watching, plants, playing fiddle, pumpkin, quotes, rain, reading, redfish, redi-whip, righteous babe records, rosana arbelo, rum and diet coke, salamanca, santana, scooter, scuba, scuba diving, shark week, shooting pool, simpsons, slurpees, snook, sock monkeys, sock puppets, spain, sprinkles, squeegees, sunday night sex show, super glue, thai food, the beatles, the ocean, the simpsons, the smell of rain, thrift stores, tom kah ga, toothbrushes, tropical fish, trout, tuna, university of florida, vietnamese food, wallace and gromit, water skiing